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HÀSH Qahwa Coffee Scrub

We are HÀSH  HÀSH Beauty is aiming to bring together the traditions and quality, looking for the perfect hand crafted products to have the impressive results that last. All our products are Vegan, Organic, Luxurious, Fresh. We handpick all our ingredients and test each and every product we are selling. We want to make a difference to your skin and show the timeless healthy and confident persona.  The Qahwa Scrub is for the Qahwa Lovers! You can feel the true smell of qahwa inside all our products: light roasted coffee, spices like cardamom, cloves, saffron, empowered with extra virgin oils of coconut, roses and almonds. Can you ask for more? Let your skin be kissed with this scrub! Customer's favorite is...

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The One & Only Glitter Scrub

Celebrity Skin? Healthy Body? Ready to Glam? We have the solution. We have created coffee body scrub that not only will hydrate your skin but also will keep you glow naturally for long time. Getting ready for party or special events, wait no more! This scrub have all that you need:  Intensely Hydrating Smoothing your body skin Long-lasting moisturized skin Fascinating smell Healthy, Rejuvenating skin  Our Celebrity Scrub is made with Pearl Dust so the glitter is soft, long lasting, but will not damage your clothes or jewelry, use it with confidence. The texture will not get you dirty like all other common coffee scrubs, because its made out of light roast coffee that we use in Middle East for...

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