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HÀSH Qahwa Scrub Bundle

Wait no more! The Mini Friends are here: you can try all our scrubs and moreover you can take them wherever you go.  Mini collection includes: HÀSH Original Blend HÀSH Koko Blend HÀSH Oud Blend HÀSH Celebrity Blend Because we want to speed the love of our mini collection, we are offering today 15% off with code at checkout MINIHASH for the bundle.    Get the Minis and enjoy your travels with healthy skin HÀSH | To love your skin

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Japanese Silk Lashes

Private Eyes made of Pure Japanese Silk Those lashes are a must have if you like to attract soft attention! This full set is handmade by the finest Japanese Silk carefully selected, the multi-dimensional layering technique, softer at the ends, gives those lashes the commitment for falling in-love.  The silk lashes can be used up to 15 times.  

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